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Welcome to Revitalising Massage

Specialising in Deep Tissue Massage

Your very own mobile or incall massage service covering Surrey, South East/South West London

A massage with Revitalising Massage can in the short term, leave you feeling revitalised and energised and in the long term, help reduce the symptoms of stress.

Massage in general has a positive effect on all 12 systems of the body to include muscular, skeletal, skin, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory and nervous system.  The benefits of massage is now being recognised in the NHS, because it has a major impact on the body physiologically and psychologically.

Each type of massage can offer something slightly different, but overall it helps reduce stress, anxiety, slows down heart rate and improves breathing. It is said that 75% of disease is due to stress.

Research suggests that receiving a massage after exercise, not only seepds up the recovery of repairing muscles, but it also brings down inflammation in muscles, allowing them to be restored back to their natural state quicker.

 Revitalising Massage aims to release tension in tight and overworked muscles, due to physical, mental or emotional activity, so that you feel soothed and relaxed in your own home or at work.

Just contact Revitalising Massage with your preferred date and time. 

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Our Services

leaf  Swedish (Holistic) Massage
leaf  Deep Tissue Massage
leaf  Hot and Cold Stone Massage (Geothermotherapy)
leaf Indian Head Massage (Champissage)
leaf Natural Lift Facial Massage (Facial Rejuvenation)
leaf Pregnancy Massage